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Founded in 1604 by the Colegio de Cristo, built in conjunction with Hacienda Santa Rosa de Lima, Hacienda San Miguel 30 and the Temple of the Asuncion in Temimilcingo.

In 1851 the Hacienda is classified as 3rd Class. Contributing already a significant amount of taxes. Thus occupying the 12th place among the Haciendas of the region. 

The Hacienda specialized in the harvest and exploitation of Sugar Cane. Around 2,400 barrels a year were produced, which is equivalent to more than 480,000 liters. 

In addition, the Hacienda was recognized at the Universal Exposition in Paris with an honorable mention for the quality of its confectioner's sugar.

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The San José Acamilpa Hacienda is located in Tlatizapan, Morelos; Cradle of the Zapatista revolution, after having been looted and destroyed by the revolutionaries, Many years later in the 1960s, a businessman from the press and publishing industry turned it into a sanctuary away from the politics and bustle of the City.

Today Hacienda Acamilpa is an incredible treasure that hides spectacular gardens and an indescribable experience. 

That is why Hacienda Acamilpa is the Best Kept Secret. 

Courney & Jacob  Wedding  HAcienda Acamilpa, Mor.  2022  0006.JPG
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